Howdy! Today we take a look at training new hires, happiness at work, modern project management, agile metrics, data pipelines and snowy mountains. Enjoy!

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Retrospective Activity of the Week

Snow Mountain (#118)

Address problematic burn-downs and scope creep

This activity is helpful when a team is constantly dealing with additional requests and scope creep. Use the burn-down chart of problematic sprints to draw snowy mountains with the same outline. Add a few trees here and there. Print drawings of kids in various sledging situations such as kid sledging down fast, kid sledging and being scared, kid with a sledge looking bored, etc. (You can use Google image search with 'kid sledging drawing'). 

In teams of 2 or 3, ask the team members to identify which kid's reaction goes with which part of the mountain. 
Example: If the mountain is flat, the kid might be bored. If you're facing a wall, the kid might be scared. 

You can then discuss the team's reaction facing their own burn-downs.

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