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This week the Saccade CTOs are delivering a workshop about working with junior developers along with Makers Academy at TravelTech Lab, and giving Office Hours to tech startups at Runway East - if you're a member at either, look forward to seeing you!

We also have another new CTO on the team: Alistair Stead, former CTO at Inviqa. Welcome aboard!

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Park Bench (#41)

Group discussion with varying subsets of participants

Place at least 4 and at most 6 chairs in a row so that they face the group. Explain the rules:

  • Take a bench seat when you want to contribute to the discussion
  • One seat must always be empty
  • When the last seat is taken, someone else must leave and return to the audienceGet everything going by sitting on the 'bench' and wondering aloud about something you learned in the previous phase until someone joins. End the activity when discussion dies down. 

This is a variant of 'Fish Bowl'. It's suited for groups of 10-25 people.

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