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This Wednesday, Andy'll be appearing on a panel at Runway East in London talking about Building & Scaling Tech Teams - see you there?


Junior Developers Workshop:

We'll also be partnering with Makers Academy on Thursday to give a 2-hour workshop around the use of Junior Developers, how to attract, hire and retain them, get the most value from them while providing a path to development at the same time. We'll challenge prior assumptions about the kind of work a junior can do, what they expect and how to use them to quickly build a high-performing product development team.

There are a few free slots available - drop me a line if you'd like to come!!


Andy at Saccade

Culture & Leadership

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Retrospective Activities

Chaos Cocktail Party (#61)

Actively identify, discuss, clarify and prioritize a number of actions

Everyone writes one card with an action that they think is important to do - the more specific (SMART), the better. Then team members go around and chat about the cards like in a cocktail party. Every chat pair discusses the actions on their two cards. Stop the chatting after 1 minute. Each chat pair splits 5 points between the two cards. More points go to the more important action. Organize 3 to 5 rounds of chats (depending on group size). At the end everyone adds up the points on their card. In the end the cards are ranked by points and the team decides how much can be done in the next iteration, pulling from the top.

Addendum: In many settings you might want to randomly switch the cards in the beginning and between discussions. In this way, neither of the point splitting parties has a stake in which of the cards gets more points.

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