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This issue comes to you with the knowledge that the greatest tech joke of all time has now been located - perfection has been reached:

"Cache invalidation isn’t hard, but it used to be and now we can’t get people to think otherwise."

Brought to you by the genius that is Michael Skelly, one of the most recent additions to the freelance CTO team at Saccade. 


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Pessimize (#74)

If we had ruined the last iteration what would we have done?

You start the activity by asking: 'If we had completely ruined last iteration what would we have done?' Record the answers on a flip chart. Next question: 'What would be the opposite of that?' Record it on another flip chart. Now ask participants to comment the items on the 'Opposite'-chart by posting sticky notes answering 'What keeps us from doing this?'. Hand out different colored sticky notes to comment on the comments, asking 'Why is it like this?'.

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