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We've added a new section this time, Futures, where we'll include some posts about developments in science, AI, and so on.

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Retro Wedding (#89)

Collect examples for something old, new, borrowed and blue

Analogue to an anglo-american wedding custom ask the team to give examples for the following categories:

  • Something Old
    Positive feedback or constructive criticism on established practice
  • Something New
    Positive feedback or constructive criticism on experiments in progress
  • Something Borrowed
    Tool/idea from another team, the Web or yourself for a potential experiment
  • Something Blue
    Any blocker or source of sadness. One example per sticky note. There's only one rule: If someone contributes to the 'Something Blue' column, s/he must also have a positive comment in at least 1 other column.

Everyone posts their stickies in the appropriate column on the board and describes it briefly.

That's it!

If you know someone who'd benefit from receiving TMW, send them here: http://www.saccade.co/tech-manager-weekly.

Have an amazing week, and see you next Monday!

Andy @ CTO Craft