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The next CTO Craft Panel Event will be this Tuesday, September 26th, again at CodeNode in London, this time with the conversation focused on the trials and tribulations of Hiring, from sourcing and screening to interviewing, testing, securing and onboarding. We'll be joined by Engineering Leaders from Metail, Lystable and Buildpath.

Hope to see you there!

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BYOSM - Build your own Scrum Master (#94)

The team assembles the perfect SM \& takes different points of view

Draw a Scrum Master on a flipchart with three sections on him/her: brain, heart, stomach.

  • Round 1: 'What properties does your perfect SM display?' 
    Ask them to silently write down one trait per note. Let participants explain their notes and put them on the drawing.
  • Round 2: 'What does the perfect SM have to know about you as a team so that he/she can work with you well?'
  • Round 3: 'How can you support your SM to do a brilliant job?' You can adapt this activity for other roles, e.g. BYOProductOwner.

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