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We have two CTOs in Conversation events on the horizon: a fireside chat in Brighton this Tues the 14th, on scaling an engineering team with Paul Butcher, formerly Chief Architect at Swiftkey, and a panel at Codenode in London on Mon the 27th on eCommerce platforms, featuring Edd Read, formerly of Graze, Zac Stevens, Chief Architect of Akoova and Alistair Stead, formerly CTO at Inviqa. Hope to see you at an event soon - sign up below!

CTOs in Conversation - Startup to Scaleup in Brighton! Nov 14 from 6.30pm

CTOs in Conversation - Ecommerce! Nov 27 from 6.30pm

The CTO Craft Community is still growing quickly, and we've had some brilliant chat about the role of Product in organisations, time management, MBAs, office layouts, Kanban, Consumer-Driven Contracts, safety and motivation; we'd love to have you in the conversation, so come on in!

Check out the TMW Archive. There's some real treasure in there.

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Proud & Sorry (#33)

What are team members proud or sorry about?
Source: Agile Retrospectives

Put up two posters labeled 'proud' and 'sorry'. Team members write down one instance per sticky note. When the time is up have everyone read out their note and post it to the appropriate poster.
Start a short conversation e.g. by asking:

  • Did anything surprise you?
  • What patterns do you see? What do they mean for you as a team?

That's it!

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