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The CTO Craft Community is still exploding, and we've now nearing 400 members! Great conversations this week, including an AMA from Agile and Quality Assurance expert Antonello Caboni, and chats about co-founder responsibilities, winding teams down, interfacing with customer service, OKRs and more.

We'll shortly be announcing the first of our Monthly CTO Mentoring Circles, both in London, one in Soho and one near Spitalfields - these will be free for Community members, so sign up if you haven't already! Here's the link:

Check out the TMW Archive. There's some real treasure in there.

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Set Course (#113)

Imagine you're on a voyage - Cliffs and treasures await

Imagine you're navigating a boat instead of a product or service. Ask the crew the following questions:

  1. Where is a treasure to be found? (New things worth trying)
  2. Where is a cliff to be safe from? (What makes the team worry)
  3. Keep course for ... (What existing processes go well?)
  4. Change course for... (What existing processes go badly?)

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