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The CTO Craft Community continues to grow - we've had great AMAs in the last few weeks from the amazing Dan Hardiker (https://twitter.com/dhardiker) of Adaptavist and Paul Butcher (https://twitter.com/paulrabutcher) of Swiftkey, who each gave us their thoughts on teams, scaling, diversity, events and self-management. This week we'll be kicking off our first CTO book club - the team are voting on the first book as we speak.

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Company Map (#68)

Draw a map of the company as if it was a country

Hand out pens and paper. Pose the question 'What if the company / department / team was territory? What would a map for it look like? What hints would you add for save travelling?' Let participants draw for 5-10 minutes. Hang up the drawings. Walk through each one to clarify and discuss interesting metaphors.

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